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Outdoor Fitness Multi-Station
Includes owners manual. Manufactured with hardware specifically designed to withstand outdoor elements. Protected from UV rays, chips, and corrosion by an innovative paint that helps maintain the product's vibrant color. Built for numerous exercisesdips, push-ups, incline push-ups, inverted rows, and knee raises. Steel frame for solid support. Warranty: Three years on frame and 90 days on parts. Green color. Assembly required. 49 in. L x 28.50 in. W x 44.88 in. H (65 lbs.). Sculpt the body nature intended for you. Much like your personal fitness goals, the stamina outdoor fitness multi-station...
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20 lbs. Rubber Kettle Bell in Light Blue
Includes only 20 lbs. kettle bell. Combine strength training and muscle coordination training. Develop muscle tone, strength and flexibility while promoting fat loss. Effective for both upper and lower body work-outs. Warranty: One year. 8 in. Dia..