Air Climber Stepper The Best Home Gym

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Air Climber Stepper The Best Home Gym

The number of people joining gyms and fitness centres is increasing day by day. People are joining gyms to get fit and slim. At the same time, the use of home fitness equipment has also increased and one of the reasons for this is that home use equipment give you comfort, ease, gym-like workouts and portability. People do not want the trouble of going to the gym everyday and do exercises but are willing to bring fitness equipments that can give them similar workouts at the comfort of their home. But all home-use fitness equipments do not give you a good workout, especially if you want to tone multiple areas of your body at the same time. A popular fitness equipment that has become very popular these days is the Air Climber stepper, offering you the best-in-the-class workout and that too, easily and comfortably.

Air Climber stepper

It is a latest advancement in fitness equipment, an equipment that makes losing weight and workout sessions more enjoyable and fun. It is a good way to burn calories and to get a perfectly toned body at home itself. People who have used it say that it is so much fun to workout with the fitness stepper that they actually look forward to workouts now. It is actually very boring to go to the gym everyday but with fitness stepper, exercising at home becomes really easy and interesting. The Air Climber stepper uses air to create a vacuum pressure resistance for toning your muscles and also helps keep your heart rate high. The continuous resistance with the fitness stepper can burn more calories and help you achieve a perfect workout. With Air Climber stepper, you can combine exercises such has cardio, toning and abs training in one single movement. This means that your workouts would be intense and you can see the results soon.

How does it work?

A fitness stepper comprises two inflatable bellows that create resistance on getting inflated. When you step on one bellow, the stepper is compressed and the air travels to the other bellow, inflating it. Between the steps, you have a dial, which helps you regulate the resistance levels. The resistance levels can be controlled by adjusting the dial, which controls the amount of air flowing between the bellows. The technology used by the fitness stepper is known as the Air Power Technology (APT) and with an Air stepper, you can burn as much as 500 calories per hour.

Benefits of Air Climber Stepper

The fitness stepper offers you a number of advantages. The biggest advantage is that of portability. The Air fitness Climber is light weight and portable. It can be taken and kept at any place in your home, in your car (when you are travelling) and is easy to use at comfort. It is a balanced and effective way to get a complete body workout. With it, you can tone the muscles of your legs, thighs, lower body, arms and abs. Also, you can perform many different varieties of exercises. Another major advantage of fitness stepper is that it helps you burn more calories than other fitness equipments. It also exerts a very low pressure on your ankles and knees to ensure that your workout is safe and not a pain.

Air Climber steppers has been endorsed by the well known aerobic champion and trainer Brenda Dygraf. It promises a well toned body if you use it for 20 minutes or more on a regular basis. You can focus on specific exercises to get a desired and dedicated workout.