Fitness Equipment Information On The Powertec Work

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Fitness Equipment Information On The Powertec Work

Main Elements:

Specifically created to do away with the requirement of a "spotter" as it decreases the possibility of strain or harm

Small enough to fit into the most crowded space, yet robust enough to perform a wide variety of exercises

Rugged, sturdy, long-lasting, and stylish

Priced at: Near 869

Product Description:

The Powertec Workbench Leverage Gym is durable fitness equipment made to give you a complete body workout. You may work on any muscle group that you want to and for as long as you'd like without hesitation due to the non attendance of a spotter. This equipment gives you a free range motion as you exercise, this way you can obtain the maximum effect. With the bench in a reclined position, you have the chance to work out your triceps, lats, chest, and shoulder regions. Changing the incline changes the target area. When the bench is in an upright position, it is easy to complete leg curls, squats, low rows, and much more.

It doesn't just perform well, it is also quite fetching. Even though it isn't as essential as numerous other aspects, don't you think that you would probably be more apt to perform a workout routine which appears smooth and chic? What's more, it takes just an 8 x 8 area, therefore, if you can't afford a lot of room for the equipment, most likely you can locate somewhere to place it that isn't too obtrusive.

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Main Product Features:

Sharp design lets you achieve a whole host of different exercises for a thorough body workout

Space saving design keeps the multigym from being obstructive

Robust piece of equipment that's sure to last a long time

Product Specifications:

Model: Powertec Workbench Leverage Gym: WB-LS

Dimensions: L 101" x W 56" H 82"

Equipment Weight: 290 lbs

Maximum Recommended Workout Weight (Arm Press): 500 lbs

Maximum Recommended Workout Weight (Lat Machine): 350 lbs

Maximum Recommended Workout Weight (Leg Lift): 250 lbs

Maximum Recommended Workout Weight (Squat Bar): 300 lbs

Warranty Information:

12 months on pads, grips, and unnamed parts

24 months on component parts (spring pins, bearings, etc)

lifetime warranty on the frame (which also consists of the paint finish)

Closing Remarks:

The Powertec Workbench Leverage Gym is some excellent fitness equipment that can facilitate your goal of achieving the perfect body. With an enormous array of exercises, sturdy design, and attractive look, the multigym is a purchase that will give you many great benefits. If you are adamant concerning an exercise routine, then it would be best for you to check out this equipment.